High-quality equipment for testing tomato concentrates and sauces

Who does not like ketchup or tomato sauce to go with our favorite meals?

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Are you a fan of pizza, pasta, or delicious traditional foods?

Tomato concentrates and their derivatives such as sauces, ketchup and others are one of the most important items in our daily menu. In order for the product to be characterized by deliciousness, beautiful taste and cohesive texture, quality workers specialists out a number of tests that determine the quality of the product.

Test the Brix in the most accurate way

Brix or sugar in aqueous solution (or dissolved solids percentage) is a scale that gives the degree of sweetness or bitterness of a product. Which mainly affects its taste, and thus the consumer's palatability of the product.

Brix is ​​measured with an optical refractive index device defined by a Brix scale, and it is usually preferable to have a digital device such as the Abbemat device from Anton Paar, which is characterized by its high accuracy and its ability to adjust the temperature from 15 to 60 degrees using Peltier element. As is well known, the temperature directly affects the Brix reading.

Characterizing the texture

The most important determinants of tomato quality are texture and viscosity. Reference methods specify the Bostwick scale for measuring viscosity.

Although it is an approved method, it is slow and error-prone. Therefore, it is possible to measure the viscosity and know the change of viscosity with temperature and the forces affecting it using Rheometers that give a complete chart of the viscosity of the product from the state of rest to the state of complete flow. Which helps in the study and development of the product.

As for texture, a penetrometer can be used to find out how cohesive a product is under penetration conditions.

Equipment for Tomato Products Testing Lab

We need several instruments to make a complete tomato testing lab:

Brix Meter - Colorimeter - Viscometer - Density Meter - Consistometer - Penetrometer - Ph Meter - Conductivity Meter - Furnace for Ash Content - Moisture Meter - Homogenizer - Autotitrator - Microbiology Instruments - Distillation Apparatus - Water Bath - Lab Tools & Glassware

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