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Viscosity of Peanut Butter Cream

By Ziryab Imad

We tested generic peanut butter samples for their viscous properties and in this blog, we share our insights.

How Does a Microscope Work?

By Ziryab Imad

The microscope is one of the most common laboratory devices. However, few people are actually aware how it works.

Comparison Between Different Methods of Moisture Analysis

By Ziryab Imad

Moisture content is one of the most important tests in the food industry. Which method of moisture analysis is the best?

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For 18 years, we differentiated ourselves to become the leading supplier for laboratory equipment and supplies in the region. We take pride in our deep understanding of customer needs and applications, which enables us to provide tailored solutions that excel in value, measure with precision, and perform with competence. Our service capabilities are unparalleled, and we provide value customer service with the consistent dedication and reliability that made us the supplier of choice to our clients.

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We supply the best brands in laboratory equipment from around the world. Our brands cover a wide spectrum of applications, and this is what gives Prime the capability to serve your laboratory needs all in one place. We provide a diverse portfolio of laboratory equipment and supplies ranging from, Spectroscopy and Analytical Chemistry, to Sample Preparation and Material Analysis. Visit our online catalog for more information.

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We can assist you in erecting a full fledgling laboratory from the grounds up to the laboratory equipment and supplies, with complete value added services of warranty and after sales support to ensure full compliance to best laboratory practices, and great customer satisfaction

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We offer various laboratory equipment training courses in different applications like: Analytical Chemistry, Material Characterization, Life Sciences and much more. Keep in touch and be updated about the latest training seminars available. For more information on available courses visit our training portal

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The mission of Prime Technical Center is to aid laboratory technicians, professionals, and scientists by providing technical training covering operational and application courses in the fields of : analytical chemistry, life sciences, material characterization, and different laboratory management courses

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With our extended range of application reports and notes, you can get the best out of your instrument from the experiences of the best experts in the field. Our application notes cover different subjects such as: Atomic Absorption, Chromatography, Material Characterization, Sample Preparation, and much more.

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Whether it’s a small lab for a research group, or a complex of standardized laboratories, our team of experts with 20 years of experience in laboratory consulting will assist you in finding the best solution that is in agreement with standard practices and laboratory quality systems. Contact us today to get your free lab design and consultation.

News and Events

Seminar on Introduction to Food Safety and Microbiology

Khartoum 16 - 18 February, 2021

In The Prime Technical Center, we were delighted to host Delta Food Packaging Factory for the seminar titled; Introduction to Food Safety and Microbiology. The three day seminar which included both theory and a practical training explained the basic knowledge of food safety and microbes testing and identification, and how to use lab equipment in food quality control.

PCR COVID Lab for University of Kassala Hospital in collaboration with Agenzia Italiana

Kassala, 12th January 2021

Prime Scientific Equipment, in partnership with the Italian Organization for International Cooperation, established the Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Ministry of Health in the capital of the state of Kassala, within the organization's project to support refugees and civil society in the state.

Seminar or Solutions for Quality Control of Cement

12th November 2020

Prime Scientific, in cooperation with Berber Cement Company Ltd., organized a seminar on cement quality tests titled: Various Solutions to Improve Quality of Cement Production Lectures were given on various topics of concern to cement industry, the most prominent of which was Particle Sizing by Laser Diffraction. The lectures were given in cooperation with Anton Paar via a live broadcast

Prime Scientific Establishes Molecular Research Lab in Al Fasher University, Darfur, Sudan

El Fasher, North Darfur State, October 2020

The Molecular Research Laboratory was launched at the Faculty of Medical Laboratories, University of El Fasher to be a center of excellence for #researchers and #postgraduate students in the field of #molecular #biology. The project was implemented in joint cooperation between Prime Scientific and the Faculty of Medical Laboratories, University of El Fasher.

Prime Scientific Exhibits in SIMFE 2020 Mining Forum

Khartoum, 18 - 20 February 2020

SIMFE is an annual event which provides an excellent networking platform for Mining Companies, Service Providers, Equipment Companies and Investors to build valuable connections and explore numerous business opportunities. Prime Scientific has participated in this year's exhibition to showcase our laboratory solutions for the mining industry. Various investors, government officials, and stakeholders of the mining industry visited the event from: Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Central African Republic, Yemen, Tanzania, Mauritania, and many others.

Specialized Training Event in Anton Paar Technical Center

Dubai, 23 - 25 July 2018

A personalized training seminar was conducted for laboratory engineers from Khartoum Refinery and Fuchs Lubricants in the Anton Paar Middle East Technical Center in Dubai. The training seminars spanned three days and covered different applications like: density and concentration measurement, viscosity measurement, and rheology measurement. Different samples such as fuels and lubricant oils were tested in the laboratory equipment of the Anton Paar Technical Center to give the participants a hands-on understanding of the fuels and lubricants applications.

Webinars and Trainings

Anton Paar eAcademy: A new era of digital density measurement

2021-03-03, 04:00 - 05:15 (SAST UTC+02:00)

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Anton Paar eAcademy: Rheology of Food

2021-03-16, 04:00 - 05:15 (SAST UTC+02:00)

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Measurement solutions for lubricant analysis to optimize development and quality control

2021-03-16, 09:00 - 10:00 (SAST UTC+02:00)

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