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Get a fully commissioned turnkey mining laboratory ready to go! Whether your application is for analytical analysis or sample preparation, our pre-packaged ready solutions are your choice for an effic

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Containerized Mining Lab Package

Complete lab package for mining analysis laboratory with design tailored to operate one or two atomic absorption spectrometer devices, which we can supply, install, and service. The lab comes with specifications, ideal for operating a mining analytical laboratory, with neccessary safety measures to protect from hazardous chemicals; and the provision of fume hoods that are made from reinforced polypropylene that can operate under the harshest conditions. The containerized laboratory is supplied with a selection of basic instruments such as: graphite hotplate, heavy duty shaker, assaying furnace, sieve shakers, and more; to assist you in performing your analyses. Optionally, atomic absorption systems can be added to the scope of supply at special prices. Additionally, sample preparation laboratories containing jaw crushers, pulverizers, and mills are also possible to supply on request.

PrimeLab Geo Mining Container

PrimeLab Geo Complete mining lab container 12192*2438*2896mm, consists of:

  1. Container body
  2. Walls
  3. Cielings
  4. Flooring
  5. Doors and Windows
  6. Lab Benches and Fittings
  7. Electric Equipment and Connections
  8. Access Control
  9. CCTV Cameras with DVR and Monitor
  10. Air conditioning and Ventilation
  11. Water Supply and Drainage

As well as the following equipment:

  1. Drying Oven with Fan 71L
  2. Furnace 12L
  3. Graphite Hotplate 60 x 40 cm
  4. PP Fumehood 1500 x 800 x 2300 mm with ducting
  5. Electronic sieve shaker
  6. Analytical Balance 0.0001 gm
  7. Electronic Precision Balance 0.1 gm
  8. Digital Titrator Burette
  9. Vacuum Pump with PTFE 3 unit manifolds
  10. Water Distiller 4 L/h
  11. Benchtop Large Capacity Shaker
  12. Benchtop pH Meter 0.00 - 14.00 pH (3 point calibration) with accessories

PrimeLab Prep Mining Container

Made from 40 foot reefer container+ decoration:

1) 70%-80% new second-hand reefer container with insulation

2) floor reinforcement

3) anti-slippery steel floor(SS201)

4) outter body painting

5) customer logo

6) equipments vibration damping system

7) door-1 set

8) window- 2 sets

9) air-conditioner 1set

10) light, cable and other basic decoration

11) power control cabinet

12) compressed air pipe

As well as the following equipment:

  1. Jaw Crusher
  2. Pulverizing Mill
  3. Riffle Splitter
  4. Workstation for Riffle Splitter with dust hood
  5. Sieve shaker with one set of sieves
  6. Sieve shaker table
  7. Sample Shelves

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