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The mobile chamber laboratory meets the requirements of the enhanced medical BSL-2 laboratory, highly integrated with water, electricity, HVAC and laboratory equipment as per your needs

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The mobile chamber laboratory meets the requirements of the enhanced medical BSL-2 laboratory, highly integrated with water, electricity, HVAC and other equipment, and equipped with the necessary instruments for the different types of experiments. It adopts factory modular design that forms a complete set.

Exterior Design

Dimensions: 12192mmx2438mmx2896mm (I/D), standard container body, which is easy to transport and operate in different locations. The wall is made of 2mm-thick reinforced corrugated steel plate, and the floor is made of 5cm-thick special wood plate with high strength, which is suitable for transportation under various terrain conditions. The frame is 6mm thick high-quality steel support frame, of stable and durable material. It also contains a stainless steel outer door, double door design, with access control system. The surface is treated with rust removal, anti-rust paint and container special paint for three layers. It is highly resistant to weather conditions and is very durable.


Interior Design

The ceiling and internal partition walls are made of 50mm laboratory dedicated antibacterial purification board with a thickness of up to 0.426mm, which has good antibacterial effect, fire prevention, and moisture-proof. Special steel clean sealed door, with glass observation window, with optional doors having an interlock device, and equipped with emergency opening device, that can be manually opened in emergency situations such as power failure. The ground is made of 2mm PVC floor leather, which is fireproof, antibacterial, wear-resistant and non-slip.


The combined air conditioning unit carries out initial and medium efficiency, surface cooling and reheating system, filtration and temperature regulation for fresh air, which can meet the whole weather conditions of -20°C to 40°C and ensures the indoor temperature is constant. The internal temperature of the laboratory is 18°C ~ 26°C, and the relative humidity does not exceed 70%. Independent exhaust system, laboratory negative pressure high efficiency exhaust fan equipped with high efficiency.

Water Supply and Drainage

The clean water tank and waste water treatment equipment are integrated between the equipment to maintain the normal operation of the laboratory under the condition of water cut off. The drainage of the laboratory is collected centrally and discharged after inactivated treatment. The discharge standard meets relevant national standards.

Lab Benches and Cabinets

The mesa is 12.7mm thick and the edges of the high-quality solid core physicochemical board are thickened to 25.4mm, which is resistant to corrosion, abrasion and strong acid and alkali.

The frame is made of 1.2mm high-quality coldrolled steel plate, the surface is sprayed with epoxy resin electrostatic, the surface is smooth and smooth, without falling off bubble pits, indentation and scratch pitting points, cracks and cutting edges and other defects; The bottom is supported by adjustable feet, used for horizontal trimming joints of mesa. The cabinet is made of 1.2mm thick steel plate. The surface is defatted, washed, pickled, neutralized, phosphated and washed by high pressure washing and drying. The surface is cured by epoxy resin spraying powder at high temperatures. The accessories are of the exclusive brand of the high quality laboratory, equipped with the special faucet for laboratory, PP sink, eye washer, etc.

Intelligent Control

Visual intelligent control system, with room temperature and humidity, pressure gradient, lighting, uv lamp control. The room will monitor the temperature and humidity data in real time, and automatically alarm the user when the data is out  of range.

Lab Equipment

Depending upon your application, high quality lab instrumentation can be supplied to commence operation immediately upon commissioning of the laboratory; with full service of installation and calibration of the instruments up to international standards. Each laboratory is supplied with suitable assortment of instruments.

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