ViscoQC™ 100 Rotational Viscometer
ViscoQC™ 100 Rotational Viscometer

Density and Viscosity Meters Item Code: 10502x

ViscoQC™ 100 - Model R Rotational Viscometer

ViscoQC™ 100 is Anton Paar’s entry-level rotational viscometer that measures the dynamic viscosity as a single-point value. Unbeatable ease of use is guaranteed with its intuitive user interface, unique TruMode (Auto Mode), automatic spindle detection, automatic guard detection, magnetic spindle coupling for one-hand operation, and many more features

Available in three different torque ranges -

L: For low-viscosity samples (solvents, oils, juices, …) -

R: For regular (medium-viscosity) samples (paints, adhesives, dairy products, …) -

H: For high-viscosity samples (mayonnaise, peanut butter, ointments, …)

Viscosity range [mPa.s] (depends on the measuring system) 1* to 6 000 000 (Model L), 10* to 40 000 000 (Model R),  60* to 320 000 000 (Model H)

Speed [rpm] 0.1 to 200 25 increments: 19 preset plus 6 editable 
Accuracy  ±1.0 % full scale range