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1.   After Sales Services FAQs:

a.   Are you exclusive agents for the products you provide?

Yes. You can get more information on Knowledge > Certifications and Documentation

b.  What are the standards warranty terms that you provide?

The standard warranty terms are 12 months from date of delivery or 13 months from date of installation, whichever comes first.

c.   Can I maintain my equipment at Prime even after warranty period is over?

Yes surely. Please contact us in case of any request or submit a request through Services > Technical Support.

d.  Does Prime maintain equipment not sold by it?

 No, we only provide our services for the instruments purchased through us.

e.   If we buy instruments from Prime, how much it costs to do the start-up training?

Start up training and commissioning is by standard, for free, unless explicitly states as such in the price offer.

f.    Is it possible to get extra training in the future?

Yes indeed. Extra charges apply for additional training. Please submit a request on Services > Technical Support.

g.   Is it possible to find spare parts for our purchased instruments? And how do we order?

Yes it is. Most consumable spare parts are ex-stock. For special spares, it can be ordered from abroad.

h.  If a problem happens with an instrument, how do we report the issue to Prime?

You can either contact us by phone or email, or fill in the form found in Services > Technical Support, which is quicker.

   2.   Orders and Deliveries FAQs:

a.   Can I order through Prime products that need to be imported? What are the requirements?

Yes it is possible. Prime is able to provide items from overseas with CNF/CIF Incoterms. Recipient is bound to obtain all necessary permits and approvals from relevant local authorities. Recipient may specify any shipping instructions clearly and it shall be provided as per request.

b.  What is the standard lead time for imported items?

It varies from item to other depending on the origin and availability, however, it takes in general between 6 to 8 weeks.

   3.   Customer Related FAQs:

a.   How much validity do you provide for your offers?

The standard validity period for our international offers unless mentioned otherwise is 45 days from quotation date. Offers received through our local representation or office may have different validity dates depending on your region. For more information related to your region, please contact the relevant representative.

b.   What are your standard payment terms?

Payment on Order unless agreed otherwise in Purchase and Sale Contract

c.   How do I confirm my purchase?

By submitting payment equivalent to the purchased amount or submitting a Purchase Order with agreed upon payment terms.

d.   Is it possible to return or exchange purchased goods?

 Yes it is possible to return or exchange purchased goods within 30 days from receipt provided:

      1. The goods are in acceptable condition and in original packaging.
       2. The goods are fully paid for.
       3. The goods are not consumed or could be considered as used.

e.   How do I initialize the warranty on my purchased instrument?

Warranty on purchased instruments can be initialized by:

    1. Receiving a Warranty Registration Document from our certified service personnel.

f.   How do I register for a training seminar?

Online via our training portal on Services > Trainings and Seminars. After registration, you will receive an invitation letter confirming the registration.

g.   How do I request an offer for my requirements?

You can contact us by phone, or email corresponding to your region. Or alternatively, submit a Quotation Request via Services > Quotation Request, which is faster.