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The utmost composition of ISOLAB glassware makes it possible to achieve maximum possible chemical resistance and minimal thermal expansion. High raw material purity guarantees uniform glass properties and prevents stresses forming in the glass and possible bursting during heating and cooling. This optimum physical and chemical performance makes ISOLAB an obvious choice for use in laboratories.

The following steps are carried out by fully automated computer controlled machines with the highest level of precision:

 Filling in the blanks with precisely defined amount of water under fixed temperature.
Application of the calibration mark with a diamond tool at the lowest meniscus point.
Cylinders, burettes and pipettes; application and marking of minimum two calibration lines.
The wet surface area factor is always taken into account throughout the process.


All calibration laboratories at ISOLAB are strictly controlled and the regular calibration temperature is 20 °C. This temperature is very important for the accuracy so that if the environmental temperature is different than 20°C, calibration machines have to be adjusted accordingly.
All volumetric glassware is calibrated either as “To contain” “TC, In” or “To deliver” “TD, Ex”.

The last but definitely not least step to obtain complete products is the furnacing process. Throughout this phase, all the products coming out of the printing room are put into specially designed and temperature controlled tunnel furnaces so that heating and annealing processes can be accomplished successfully.

The temperature control of the furnace ensures a long lasting printing quality. 

In order to get the highest levels of precision, carefully controlled gradual heating and cooling processes are essential.

Our glassware product lines are divided into:


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