Labs and the work benches used should meet international standard and environmental protection demand. Their material should have the features of excellent performance, corrosion resistance, and ease of clean. When the structure meets all requirements of streamlined engineering, effective workflow, and operation safety; your lab productivity is considerably increased. A good design makes for a perfect laboratory. Prime provides a series of services prior to lab installation. We make integrated design based on lab floor layout and site conditions, detailed drawings of the lab furniture and other associated facilities; determination of the locations of water, electricity and gas connections; incorporating safety as an integrated part of our design. We install the lab furniture based on the customer requirements after the design stage is approved. Various adaptations can be made on-site to cater for different requirements and needs, and the project is executed by our experienced technical team and supervised by experts in the field of laboratory design and planning. Then the design becomes reality. We ensure that our customers enjoy our continuous support by providing after sales services for all our lab installations. Whether you want to repair, rehabilitate, or move your lab benches, we ensure rapid reaction to your request to keep the flow of work moving, uninterrupted.