EXPEC-2000 Gas Chromatograph
EXPEC-2000 Gas Chromatograph

Gas Chromatography Item Code: EXPEC-2000

The new-generation GC2000 gas chromatograph is benchmarked against international leading brands, and the instrument adopts advanced electronic flow control, microfluidic plate control, high-precision independent temperature control and other technologies to meet the user's requirements for strong analytical capabilities and reliable stability.

The new-generation GC2000 has intelligent functions such as self-diagnosis, self-leak detection, self-saving of carrier gas, automatic reminders, etc., which help you easily grasp the instrument status and solve problems quickly. It can be matched with various pretreatment equipment such as solid phase microextraction, headspace, liquid sampler, etc. to meet your needs for more application expansion.


  1. Ultra-stable liquid injection port
  2. Ultra-high-precision electronic pressure controller (EPC)
  3. World-class column oven
  4. User-friendly workstation software
  5. Excellent human-computer interaction experience
  6. Supporting multiple detector options (up to four at the same time)