EXPEC-3700 Gas Chromatograph Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
EXPEC-3700 Gas Chromatograph Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Gas Chromatography Item Code: EXPEC-3700

The EXPEC 3700 Series Gas Chromatography - Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer is based on advanced gas chromatography and mass spectrometry technology, it has best-in-class performance.

EXPEC 3700 GC-MS —the most sensitive and reliable mass-selective detector including:

  1. EI source with extractor lens set for best-in-class sensitivity
  2. The mass spectrometry signal is enhanced several times, broadening the detection limit of the instrument.
  3. Higher mass spectrometric sensitivity allows the use of smaller sample volumes, thereby reducing operating costs for transportation, storage, preparation, and waste disposal
  4. All-metal quadrupole with pre-quadrupole effectively reduces main rod contamination and keeps the mass analyzer clean
  5. A new generation of multiple off-axis detectors for neutral noise elimination
  6. The MSD interface is controlled by a mass spectrometer and can reach up to 400 ℃ GC 2000 - The best choice for laboratory chromatography including:
  7. High-precision carrier gas and temperature control to achieve highly repeatable chromatographic performance
  8. Rapid equilibrium technology of oven temperature achieves the minimum waiting time between two injections.
  9. Equipped with intelligent functions such as self-diagnosis, leak detection, gas saving, etc., it is easy to know the status of the instrument. The workstation software inherit classic operation mode
  10. Mass Expert acquisition and analysis software is based on the classic operating interface, so users do not need to change their usage habits.
  11. The batch processing function can automatically perform statistical analysis on sample data and support drawing sample trend charts. Fully inert flow path
  12. Ultra-inert flow path from inlet to detector prevents analytes decomposition, resulting in higher reproducibility and increased confidence in results
  13. Ultra-Inert components include inlets, liners, columns, fittings, and mass spectrometry ion sources Complete system solution
  14. Covers diverse sample preparation and sampling equipment for gas, liquid, solid samples, etc. to meet the needs of a wide range of laboratory applications

EXPEC 3700 GCMS standard part list includes:

1.1 P02571-0102 EXPEC 3700 GCMS host machine  

1.2 P02571-0103 Backing pump for EXPEC 3700 GCMS host machine  

1.3 P02087-0000 Gas chromatograph host machine for MS(GC2000 host machine+ inert injection port)  

1.4 P02087-0100 GC 2000 Installation Kit  

1.5 P02087-0101 GC 2000 installation toolkit  

1.6 P02571-0401 EXPEC 3700 installation kit