EXPEC-5210 Liquid Chromatograph with Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
EXPEC-5210 Liquid Chromatograph with Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Item Code: EXPEC-5210

EXPEC 5210 is a new generation of LC-MS / MS, with excellent sensitivity and stability. It is suitable for a wide range of application fields such as environmental testing, medical testing, drug testing and food safety.

EXPEC 5210 is equipped with Mass Expert mass spectrometry workstation, including professional mass spectrometry control and quantitative analysis software. It contains thousands of compound standard libraries and rich application method libraries, which greatly reduces the operation difficulty of mass spectrometry software system.

EXPEC 5210 triple quadrupole mass spectrometry

●Excellent performance and easy operation make it possible for LC-MS to enter more testing laboratories.

Unique design of biorthogonal ion source and double 3Q ion optical

● EXPEC 5210 has excellent ionic yield and resistance to matrix with adopting ESpray biorthogonal electrospray ion source technology. EXPEC 5210 adopts unique triple quadrupole ion guidance technology and triple quadrupole mass analyzer technology to ensure the analytical performance and long-term stability.

Excellent sensitivity

● The product adopts the Step Scan, a kind of newly designed ion transmission technology, which effectively improves the ion transmission efficiency.

● The innovative technology of axial acceleration collision cell improves the collision efficiency greatly.

● The patented technology of pulse counting detection can detect ion signals without loss and filter noise interference effectively

Excellent stability

● Ion source and ion interface with efficient desolvation to increase system tolerance.

● The patented closed-loop adaptive adjustment technology of dual RF power supply improves the stability of quadrupole RF power supply

● The patented anti temperature and humidity alternating technology is suitable for a wider range of temperature and humidity applications

Mass Expert mass spectrometry workstation

The control software and analysis software of completely new Mass Expert mass spectrometry are simple to operate.

The function of one-click automatic tuning and quality calibration reduces the complexity of instrument control and the threshold of instrument use. Mass spectrometry analysis software and report template can be customized according to different application fields and different users to meet the use needs of various application fields.