The 3rd generation Film Sense Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer systems are now available! The primary improvement in this generation is the motorized source polarizer, which enables auto-calibration and zone-averaged measurements. The new systems offer the same benefits of the patented* FS-1 ellipsometer technology (long life LED light sources, fast and reliable no moving parts detector, compact design, and web browser software interface), while maintaining ease of use and affordability.

  • Compact optics: Source 142 x 80 x 60 mm, Detector 110 x 80 x 60 mm
  • Simple connections: +5V wall plug power supply, Ethernet, and Source-Detector link cables
  • Motorized Source Polarizer:
  • – provides automated instrument calibration
  • – enables zone-averaged measurements, for improved measurement accuracy
  • 4x more intensity (compared to original FS-1), and updated detector electronics provide improved measurement precision: 2x for ex situ, 4x for in situ