Multiwave GO 50Hz

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Multiwave GO is a microwave digestion system, optimized for economic routine analysis of environmental samples, food quality control, plant material and other biological material. A single magnetron delivers up to 850 W microwave power in an unpulsed mode over the full power range. The sophisticated software prevents thermal overshoots and the design of the microwave applicator provides utmost field density, allowing efficient and uniform heating across all vessel positions.
Comes with: Mains cable with plug CEE Type 7 (Central European), 3 m exhaust hose, basic tools and instruction manual. 
Included basic tools: 1# Hose Clip Dmin=57 Dmax=73 (89281), 2# Interface cap USB (105496), 1# Rotor 12HVT50 (133015, incl. 12 pressure vessels),1# Handling Tool for HVT (103438), 5# Rotor lid seal (131162), 1# IR calibrator for Multiwave GO (131034), 5# IR sensor foil, 1# USB flash drive 4GB Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 2680 VA
Manufactured by Anton Paar GmbH


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Multiwave PRO is a versatile and modular microwave reaction system for sample preparation and synthesis. The instrument supports various rotor types for fast and complete closed vessel digestion and extraction of organic and inorganic samples under high pressure and temperature as well as for highthroughput method development, parallel optimization and multigram synthesis of valuable compounds in pharmaceutical, biomedical and other organic-chemical synthesis laboratories. Two standard magnetrons of 1000 W deliver up to 1800 W microwave power (limited by the software) in an unpulsed mode over the full power range. The sophisticated software prevents thermal overshoots and the design of the microwave applicator provides utmost field density with a high homogeneity, which allows efficient heating. The applied microwave energy is continuously controlled by optional wireless sensors for internal temperature and vessel pressure and an IR sensor to monitor the temperature of all vessels permanently. Three different temperature sensors are permanently controlling the magnetrons, the exhaust unit and the dissipated exhaust air. Together with the constant cooling during operation, the instrument provides maximum safety. Comes with: Mains cable with plug CEE Type 7 (Central European), 3 m exhaust hose, basic tools and instruction manual Included basic tools: 1# 74904 Hose Clip Dmin=70 Dmax=92 Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 3680 VA

Rotor 16HF100 
Medium-throughput rotor with 16# 5711 Pressure Vessel HF100 made of ceramics and PTFE-TFM (100 mL) for versatile applications. The rotor can be closed easily by the help of a multifunctional bayonet lid. The lid serves as rack for up to 16 vessels and protection shield during reaction. Large figures on the lid and on the tray make sample positioning and tracing easy. Built in air cooling guides made of reinforced high performance plastic provide fast cooling after reaction as well as protection in case of spontaneous reactions. All parts are made of highly resistant materials and can be cleaned easily. Application: Sample preparation: Various kind of samples including soil and sediments (contaminated), geological materials, metals and ores, glass and quartz, mixed organic/inorganic materials, protein hydrolysis. Synthesis: Standard scale-up reactions at elevated pressure and temperature, parallel synthesis at large scale, multigram library generation Comes with:
1# 5712 Rotor 16 (without vessels) and 16# 5711 Pressure Vessel HF100 
Not included:
5698 Pressure/Temperature Sensor Accessory, 13686 Rack 16 and 8564 Seal Forming Device for 8 Caps 5702 

Rotor 16HF100 Specifications: 
Vessel volume: 100 mL 
Max. filling volume 50 mL
 Operating parameters: 240 °C at 40 bar (580 psi) 
Max. pressure: 115 bar (1668 psi) 
Max. temperature: 310 


Item Code: 182500

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Multiwave 7000, microwave digestion system with the novel pressurized digestion cavity (PDC) is equipped with a magnetron of 2000 W microwave power and provides digestion conditions of up to 300 °C and up to 199 bar. All kinds of samples such as food, environmental, polymer, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, geological, chemical, and petrochemical samples can be digested using Multiwave 7000 – even in the same run using the same method. Multiwave 7000 can be used with high (≥ 3 g) and low sample amounts (≤ 0.1 g) as well as high (≥ 50 mL) and low sample volumes (≤ 100 µL). Pressure-sealed glass (disposable), quartz, or PTFE-TFM vials as well as sealed quartz vessels enable the use of all common digestion acids. Complete reaction control is achieved via permanently controlling the pressure and temperature of all samples. Outstanding features save valuable time and reduce running costs, for example the budget-friendly vials with plug-on caps in different sizes and budget-friendly racks of up to 24 positions or automated opening, closing and cleaning procedures. Integrated water cooling minimizes the cooling times and maximizes the sample throughput.
Comes with: Main cable with plug CEE Type 7 (Central European), Air Exhaust Hose D=60 (89284), Hose Clamp (182303), Pipe Clamp (181975), Pressure Hose 2 m (72350), Vial Stand (184429), Liner 1000 mL (178126), 10# O-Ring 91.67 X 3.53 (190632), 10# O-Ring 9 X 2.5 (190631), Drip Cup (183648), Manual (video, PDF on USB Stick and hard copy), Silicone oil (96768) Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 3680 VA
Not included: Racks, Vials and Vessels, Magnetic Stirrer