SDS-720 Sample Delivery System

The SDS-720 is an XYZ autosampler system for flame AAS, ICP or ICP-MS. It can be used for flame analysis, hydride generation, mercury cold vapour analysis and with the MC 3000 mercury concentrator. It can also be used with the Autosipper with the Cintra 2020, 3030 or 4040.
The SDS-720 is a precision engineered X-Y-Z autosampler. The SDS-720 provides accurate and fast analysis due to its durable, simple, adaptable, reliable and sturdy design. Supplied with sample racks to hold 180 sample vials each of approximately 14 mL and a standards rack to hold 10 standard vials each with a volume of approximately 20 mL. PTFE and PEEK is used to provide a metal free liquid flow path. Variable continuous flow sample probe rinse station with peristaltic pump minimizes sample contamination and carryover. An inert spill rack which prevents any solution inadvertently spilling over the autosampler or your laboratory.
The SDS-720 is now faster than the superseded model and provides unmatched productivity with full random access capability from a small footprint.
A built in peristaltic pump provides trouble free continuous stream of clean rinse solution.

HG3000 Hydride System and EHG3000 Electric Cell Heater

04-HG3000       05-EHG3000

The HG3000 Hydride generator forms part of a complete hydride system which can be used in conjunction with any GBC AAS for trace level analysis of the hydride forming elements (arsenic, selenium, antimony, bismuth, tellurium, tin, germanium and lead at parts per billion concentration level), and mercury by the cold vapour method. Detection limits of 1 ppb are routinely achievable. Typical sample throughput is around 60 samples per hour taking three replicate measurements, with a typical precision of 1%.
The quartz cell used for hydride analysis can be heated by flame, or by the optional EHG3000 electric cell heater. The EHG3000 provides a temperature controlled electric heating blanket to heat the quartz cell, and includes power supply, temperature controller and workhead. The EHG3000 provides more accurate temperature control than is possible with flame heating.