GBC Quantima Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer

Item Code: 99-0552-00

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The Quantima is suitable for a diverse range of applications. Method development and analysis is easy. First time users can easily obtain optimal performance regardless of the application. The Quantima’s outstanding features provide comprehensive solutions for your elemental analysis. Routine or Research Analysis Applications

• Computer control of over 230
instrument parameters.
• Precise mass flow control of
nebuliser, auxiliary* and plasma* gases. The Power and Durability of a free-running 40.68 MHz RF generator which offers the highest efficiency of energy transfer to your sample.
• Thermostatted Optics for unparalleled optical stability.
• Choice of gratings* to offer better resolution/sensitivity depending on your application.
• Capability to handle difficult matrices such as 40% dissolved salts using the humidifier* - eliminating the need for dilution and enhancing
trace level detectability.
Powerful Multi-tasking Windows® 32 Bit software.
• Sophisticated auto-optimisation software.
• Powerful semi quant facility.
• Plasma Cam™* enables user to view plasma from PC.
• PIP™* - Plasma Integrity Protector significantly decreases chances of a "doughnut" and associated melted torches.
• Inbuilt chiller means no bulky extra chillers required.
• Nitrogen Purged optics - vacuum capability without messy regular maintenance of vacuum pumps.
• Ability to directly analyse organics without any oxygen accessories.


97-318-00 Assy, plasma viewing camera for Quantima
95-0035-00 organics kit including sample tubing
99-0012-00 complete fume extraction system

ICP-OES software brings together nearly two decades of ICP development and the expressed needs of a world-wide user-base in a Windows-based package which provides complete instrument control (over 200 parameters), true multi-tasking capabilities, powerful graphics tools, exhaustive wavelength library, and a range of automated facilities to make the operation of your ICP straightforward.
Set up method files using the familiar interface of the Periodic Table, detailed lists of available wavelengths and potential interferents, and sensible groupings of parameters in an intuitive Notebook format.
Monitor instrument performance using any combination of user-specified or default parameters. Specify your own choice of look and feel by displaying them in any combination of bar graphs, analog meters or digital display.
Context-sensitive on-screen help is only a mouse-click away for all software functions. Reports can be generated internally in customisable formats, or exported to third party software for further manipulations, analysis or interface with your LIMS.

GBC SIM 6000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer

The new SIM ICP 6000 is a simultaneous high resolution ICP-OES with wavelength range 120 to 850 nm allowing measurement of even Halogen elements (Cl, Br, I) down to ppb levels.
Dual View – Radial and / or Axial view
Solid State Detector
Rowland Circle Design with linear CCDs
Superior UV performance – upto 1000 times more sensitive compared to Echelle optics ICP-OES
40 MHz free running RF generator which can respond faster to changes in the plasma
Allows direct aspiration of organic and oil samples without the need for oxygen accessories
Ability to run high dissolved solid and slurries
Choice of many more wavelengths compared to Echelle optics ICP-OES
Lower stray light
Plasma Camera for sample viewing
Patented Plasma Integrity Protector (PIP) which significantly lowers occurrence of torch meltdowns