Penetrometer: PNR 12

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PNR 12 automatically measures the resistance a material provides to being pierced by a specifically shaped test body. The harder the test material, the more pointed and needle-like the test body should be.
The penetrometer is used for consistency and plasticity determination of pasty, creamy, semi-solid or highly viscous samples.
ASTM D1403
ASTM D7342
ASTM D1321

Semi-Automatic Foam Tester

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The foam tester allows the determination of the foaming characteristics of lubricating oils at specific temperatures by empirically rating the foaming tendency and the foam stability.
Especially in high-speed gearing and high-volume pumping systems, the tendency of oils to foam can lead to inadequate lubrication or cavitation which may result in mechanical failure.
Application range       24 °C to 150 °C
Test places                  1 to 8
Flow meter range        0.4 L/h to 7 L/h
Air supply                   94 mL/min or 200 mL/min
 ASTM D892
ASTM D6082