Bench Oscilloscopes

  • Lower noise and improved signal integrity
  • Bigger screens and touchscreen interface
  • Outstanding signal processing capability
  • Lightweight form factor and battery option

Mixed Domain and Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Ideal for debugging and validating high-speed designs with sampling up to 50 GS/s and the lowest noise in the industry

  • 15.6-inch HD (1920x1080) capacitive touch display
  • 12-bit vertical resolution; up to 16 bits in High Res mode
  • Available with or without Windows 10 operating system

Performance Real-Time Oscilloscopes

Performance Oscilloscopes deliver the industry’s most accurate capture of high-speed signal behavior to verify, validate and characterize your next generation designs. Capture up to 70 GHz signals with the lowest noise and highest fidelity, ensuring the most accurate measurements of your signal’s true characteristics.