Probe stations allow a user to position electrical, optical or RF probes on a silicon wafer so that the device can be tested. These tests can be simple, such as continuity or isolation check, or sophisticated, including full functional testing of microcircuits. Tests can be run either before or after the wafer has been sawn into individual dies.

To measure the electrical characteristics of your microelectronic device under test (DUT) the ideal interface tool is a probe station. In combination with a microscope and micro-positioners, you can accurately make contact with your DUT and measure the electrical characteristics of it with a Test & Measurement instrument (oscilloscope, Source Measurement Unit.

From starter series probe stations, mini-series, DC – RF – mmW series to environmental controlled series (low or high temp), we have it all in our portfolio. Moreover, with the modular solution approach, we easily can customize your probe station to the ideal measurement solution tool for your application.

As a complete probing solutions provider with many years of expertise in the world of semiconductors, R&D, and education, we can provide you with the perfect probing solution for your requirements.